Kahn Brothers Group is an investment firm serving institutional and high-net-worth clients. The firm provides investment management through its registered investment advisor, Kahn Brothers Advisors LLC, and brokerage services through Kahn Brothers LLC, Member New York Stock Exchange.

Kahn Brothers Group was founded in 1978 by Irving Kahn, Thomas Graham Kahn and Alan Kahn. The firm's executive team has over one hundred years of aggregate experience in the investment business. The firm’s founding chairman, Irving Kahn, began his career in the value investing business shortly before the stock market crash of 1929, and, in the 1930s, he served as Benjamin Graham's teaching assistant at Columbia Business School.

Over time, Kahn Brothers’ investment philosophy has evolved from Graham's original "discount to net asset purchase" model into a contrarian value strategy focusing on margin of safety and capital appreciation over long periods of time. We believe these goals go hand in hand, and it is our mission to deliver superior returns on investment while limiting the risk of permanent loss of capital. Beyond our stated mission, we focus deeply on the needs and wellbeing of our clients. Our clients receive an unusual degree of customization and personal attention, akin to a family office. We purchase the same stocks for our clients as we do for ourselves and our families. Our clients rest assured knowing that our interests are always aligned with theirs.

Kahn Brothers welcomes new clients but choose to grow at a measured pace, adding those who share the long-term value investing goals of its principals. If you would like to begin a discussion about a new relationship, we welcome your call.

Kahn Brothers Group
555 Madison Avenue, Suite 1303
New York, New York 10022