Please note the following information that should be relied upon during this period. We will update this information periodically as new information becomes pertinent.

Kahn Brothers is open and fully operational. We will remain open and operational throughout this period, although our processes may change to accommodate the unusual circumstances we have at this time. While many or all of our staff may be working remotely, we continue to serve our clients and counterparties as we always have.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 212-980-5050, or at any of the contact numbers or email addresses listed at the bottom of this page.

Physical Checks:

Kahn Brothers will not be receiving physical checks at its office address during this period. If you need to deposit a physical check into your investment account or send a check to Kahn Brothers for other reasons, please inform one of our team members by email or phone (see below) and we will advise where the check should be sent.


Kahn Brothers fax line will be disconnected until normal on-site operations can resume. Any requests that would ordinarily be sent by fax may be sent by email or phone. Please contact a member of our team so that they may inform you of the appropriate alternate means of sending your request.

Additional Staff Contact Information:

Although we continue to be reachable between 9am and 5pm on our main office line at 212-980-5050 and by email at, please note the following additional contact numbers for each staff member.

Dawn Castro 917-825-1412
Paula Cutrone 917-582-5874
Karen DeMarco 201-665-7689
Deborah Harten 646-805-8696
Andrew Kahn 917-859-4180
Thomas Kahn 917-539-0700
William Knox 914-497-7015
Clarisa Napoleon 718-612-1224
Michele Piersiak 917-543-3840
Kenneth Rodwogin 732-740-5949